All songs written by Toshi Reagon

Black Elephant Music BMI 2005


I got a heart now baby it’s not made of stone
It will lead you right never lead you wrong

I got a car drive it like a train
Drive it through the mud, through the pouring rain

I got two eyes now baby all they see is you
Tell me like I need it tell me like it’s true

Hey hey hey hey- ooh wee ooh wee


I see the sun go down
I worry bout my problems the simple colors cool me down
Do you think about the sorrow do you think about it night and day
I don’t want no trouble but I get it anyway

Baby won’t you please stand outside this window with me
Baby hold my han we got’s to stay high to see

Well I feel the finished room
No windows to be found
I see the cold walls
To the stairs
I’ll lead you down
Don’t want to stay there
I would rather walk on air
It’s thick and colorful you can find me there.

If I wake up early I will see the sunrise
My building rocks with air all kinds of things live inside
The floors are creaking but I tell you that’s all right
If I wake up early I will see the sunrise

Baby won’t please stand outside this window with me
Baby hold my hand we got’s to be high to see


Have you heard, have you hear the dreams of the dove
I am sure it’s a sign of the lord
Did you dance to that thunderous shout
I am sure it’s a sign of the lord

I got chills in my eyes from lookin above
I am sure it’s a sign of the lord

I can run and I can fly and i’m sure that’s alright
I can drive to fast and i’m sure that’s how i’ll pass
I can mind your mind and i’m sure that she won’t mind
I can do it all and when she comes i’ll fall down

Did you see it in the sky that blinding light
I am sure it’s a sign of the lord
Did you breathe the silky air the breath of life
I am sure it’s a sign of the lord


It’s a wheel it’s a wheel going round and round
I am sure that it’s a sign of the lord


Didn’t I tell you that you feel no pain
Once you go you’ll be back again
Didn’t I tell you that you won’t some
Didn’t I tell you it would be all yum

I’m not gonna bring you down
All that is lost will be found
Let me tell you bout my love

Didn’t I tell you this is what I do
Didn’t I tell you that my love was true
Didn’t I tell you it would be all right
Don’t you want to be with me tonight

If your time is your own
If your sure as the day is long
Let me tell you bout my love


My love is the sun full of fire
My love id the cooling rain
Come over now get what you desire
Come over feel no pain


Their looking for there love on the horizon
A love that used to set at there feet
A love that used to come so easy –
When it’s called has headed for the creek.

No one can say just when it got there
Everyone agrees that it’s gone
So they packed a lunch and started hitching
Trying to bring love home

There is much reflection on what misdirection
Caused the great escape

It is too late to blame than wrong
Their trying to bring love home
And it’s too much pain
And it ain’t no use to sit around and wait

The road can misty and slow
And some times we don’t know where to go
But it’s better to be right


My mind is goin
My soul in deep
My body is feelin it
Hold up this need

My eyes bout tout to see
My heads about to know
Hearts about push it
I’m bout to show

I take u down- where I’m goin

If your not pleased with it
This stew we cooked
And all the bullshit
Take a look

Hands always held out
Tails are waggin
There’s no truth to
The things there braggin

Take u down

I might shoot shoot
As I pray
Am I big enough
To save the day

I made for this
I can see
My mind is goi
My soul in deep


22 hours in a day
Well then I could believe, then I could believe
22 hours in a day
No not 2 or 3, well then I could believe

See the sun come up with you boy
See the sun going down
See the sun coming up going down
See you lifting me up never leave me down

See how high you can take me
See how long til you make me
See how far til you break me
That’s when my love comes around

Never seen no one drive away quite like you
Never seen no one drive quite like you
I know 22 hours is over but I know it ain’t through
May be over but it ain’t through

Kiss me like you going far but you coming home soon
Going far but you coming home soon
22 hours in a day well that’s alright with me
Yeah it’s alright with me- it feels good


I see you standing alone
You’ve just come from to far
I want to bring you flowers and kisses
Just to see how you are
I see that is too much for you so my hands are bare
I’ll take a chance to walk with you
Our rhythm will take us there
To the water

What is the test
They took from you
I see you just can’t say
So no more questions i’ll ask of you we’ll just find a way
Our feet our heavy our hands hang low
We do not gain much ground
Still I feel us moving on fast as the speed of sound
Speed of sound, thrills my mind
Too the water, to the river I know we will find our way

I smell the sea , the river , the lake
I hear the ocean roll
Around the bind just a few more years
And then we’ll die no more
A tune a tune it’s comes to me oh we we won’t be lost
Jordan river can you help me cross
Feel me cross, feel cross the water

I walk with you, I walk with you and then we’ll die no more


All this held in hand
None I understand
None I wish to show
None I wish to know

Caught from the inside
Caught to late to hide
Or fade away
Now to find a way with you

Watch out for what I say
Or the games I play
Hard to tell the truth
And so hard to move

Still trying to be quick
Don’t want to go down sick
Trying to hold my will
So I turn the shy to steel
And run from you

You got what you know
Your young eyes your old soul
Your mind full of mess
Your hours counting stress

Still you get it right
Turn day and your night
They both mean the same
And I don’t stay away from you


Bend it over
Tell the truth
This is not good for me or you

Shiver shiver neck to neck
Lost our time lot the bet

Still hope
Need try
Good one they may die

But the will – and the need and the heart and the seed
So we all could go down to the river
We all could go down

Your sick I can tell
By the way you built that jail
Never a country only land
Try to hold and try to expand
Always out of touch
Never can feed you to much
Here some blood to spill
Here’s fuel for your will
And we all run down to the water
Yeah we all run down

When your naked under light
When everything is in sight
When there’s no other truth
No water for me and you

No tears will fall
No battle will call
You will miss the world you knew the with me-the one with me and you
And we all fall down at the water
We all fall down
We all fall down